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Revital Sela, Ruchele Hayut (photography and report), translated by Devorah K.


13:50 Bezeq CP - We went through.


Alon Road: Work is being done at the pump near the road, beneath the settlement of Tomer. The landscape is full of green -- this is good for the herds of sheep.


14:05 Tyasir CP

About ten soldiers come rushing up to us, after their representative understood that we had no intention of leaving. The lieutenant who asked us courteously to obey the military instructions also talked to the sector commander -- Captain B. (we have his full name and rank). The captain confirmed the order to leave. He was not convinced by the letter that Hanna showed him from the IDF spokesperson, in which they confirm our right to stand there. According to the soldiers, the command on the ground, and not those in the Central Command are the ones to approve, and the person who decides is the sector commander. Despite all of this we left only when we wished to leave and not because we were told to do so. In the meantime we heard about 'the 'improvised weapons' which they found this week at the Hamra CP. 

All throuout the time we stayed near the post, taxis and trucks were going through. Many workers were returning from their day's work.


14:35 We left. The soldiers called out to us: 'Shalom, Jews.....'


Alon Road - We can see the repairs on the embankment all along the road.


14:55  Hamra CP

There was lively vehicle traffic from east to west; many Transits with workers, and also taxis.

When we arrived,  there was a queue of 15 cars on the eastern side of the CP; the drivers were waiting to be called to go through. While we were there, the cars were directed to two lanes simultaneously and so the queue was shortened relatively quickly. An armed soldier wearing a flak jacket approached us. With a great deal of fervor he commented that there are many citizens who respect their presence in the CP and bring the soldiers food and drink. Their shifts are long and tiring and respect can help. When he finished what he had to say, he went back to the post on the road.

One of the soldiers remained near us, asked questions, mentioned that he is not responding to us because he does not know enough about the things we told him. He was very proud of the fact that their shift found the weapons in a Palestinian car.


15:30  We left.