Bethlehem (300)

Drora P., Rachel M. (Reporting), Translator: Naomi Gal



A very cold morning outside and inside the building.  Three  windows are open. The partition in the hall is shifted to the side and the lines are short and scant.
Outside there were very few people and a few vehicles. Those who were waiting for the bus or for employers’ transportation were exposed to the rain. 
There is no place you can find shelter from the rain (May they come upon us).

We are probably already "recorded" as law-breakers. We entered the U building and stood on the side. Rachel proceeded to count the windows and moved toward one of them intending to direct the queuing people to approach a free window. One of the security guards approached and gruffly told her to go to the wall near the exit of the building. Then he called and we heard a woman’s voice answer. They spoke. He claimed it is forbidden to get close to the windows and he has to move us away and that this is an instruction from the military command. 
The cold intensified. Those passing to Israel had already left. We left the place after 20 minutes.