South Hebron Hills, Thu 16.6.11, Morning

Aliza S., Shachar, Mira B., Mohammed (Driver, translator, and active participant)

Huda's Kindergarten

16.06.11 Morning

Translation: Bracha B.A.

The objective of this trip was to take part in the end of the year party in the kindergarten.  The idea for the party came about during our last visit.  We planned to invite the mothers and celebrate together.  We picked up Eid at Um al Khair.

The new building is coming along rapidly in the area in front of the kindergarten.  Eid says that there is already electricity.  The building is of European style and the electricity is supplied by the electric company.

When we arrived, many children and their mothers were already present, in the small building.  Huda sent out invitations to the party and succeeded in gathering many of the mothers and children.  This is quite an accomplishment in this society, particularly since the older children are on vacation from school and are not available to bring the children. Since Eid (male) is present, all mothers are veiled with only their eyes exposed.    Representatives of UNWRA, the organization that is building the new kindergarten, remained waiting outside.

The party began with a welcome speech made by Huda the teacher and a representative from UNWRA.  Since the party was attended by women, Mohammed and Eid waited outside. The program included readings that Huda had prepared. The children stood one, two, or three at a time at the entrance which served as a makeshift stage and recited texts in Arabic. Huda distributed gifts that she bought for the children who were going on to first grade and hence, leaving the kindergarten, and the children then received treats that we brought along. The lollipops that Suhai brought were a real hit.

After the party was over we helped Huda bring in equipment that was moved out to make room. Huda promised to be in contact with us regarding plans to run a summer camp during vacation. We paid Huda half her June salary and took her home, stopping on the way to shake hands with the mukhtar  who supports the activities in the kindergarten. Pictures from the party as well as our previous visits can be viewed at the Picasso website for Huda's Kindergarten.