'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Yocheved G., Hanah H. (reporting), Translation: Yael B-S.


14:30 Tura-Shaked 

We are welcomed by an overflowing garbage container, some of its contents scattered by the wind. The place looks as if a huge party took place but no one bothered to clean up after.

Students return from the West Bank, vehicles with passengers drive on both sides. Passage is quick.

If you ask,"Where does the money go to?" you can observe the newest technical renovations at the checkpoint, where "a great number of people go through".

This time we have noticed flashing lights on the arms of the barriers.


15:00 Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint  

Here too the site is being expanded. Workers return to the West Bank and residents of Barta'a return from Jenin. Passage is swift.  One worker, who works in Hadera and who leaves in the morning from Yirtach, tells us that he arrives at the checkpoint at opening time, 0400, and does not get out before 0700. All are begging for an arrangement that

would allow them to get to work from Rihan as well.


15:15 A group of workers arrives from the Seam Line zone and within 5 minutes the line at the inspection posts diminishes.


15:40  A'aneen  Soldiers in a vehicles parked by the closed checkpoint. Only one person requests to cross over. But after his papers are inspected he is taken away by that vehicle. We are told that a few tens of people had crossed earlier this morning to their fields.