Natanya G., Varda (guest) and Phyllis W. (reporting)

4:00 PM – After overcoming the traffic jam in the southern square, we reached Qalandiya at 4 PM and found 3 passageways operating, with short lines in each.  There were about 3-4 people in the DCO shed and another 10 in the northern shed were waiting for transportation home from work.  The longest line was in the passageway for bus passengers on the far west of the CP, where we counted about 20 standing on line.  All the lines were moving and there seemed to be no special problems.

We decided to shorten the shift and go to visit the people sitting in the protest tent at Nebi Samuel village.  The tent was erected in preparation for the demonstration to be held on Friday, December 6, at noon.  There were only two people in the tent when we came, but another man joined us soon afterwards.  The stories they tell of life in their no-man’s-land make your hair stand on end.