Burin (Yitzhar), Habla

Petahya A., Riba B. Translator: Charles K.

Habla, Burin, Huwwara, Beit Furiq, Za’tara junction, Tuesday, 19.11.13, afternoon


In the wake of the article that appeared in “Il Iltihal” we decided to spend most of our shift in Burin.


13:10  Habla

When we arrived we encountered a Machsom Watch tour led by Leora and Shoshi Inbar.  They told us the participants were members of HaShomer HaTza’ir’s Shomriyya youth group.  Anyone who’s heard of it can imagine how old they are… Having once been a member of HaShomer HaTza’ir, of course I knew some of them.


Shoshi told us the gate opened only at 13:10, not at 13:00 as “posted.”


14:30  Burin – on the way to the adjacent village of Madameh.

Most of the rioting was in Madameh.  Before our friend Munir arrived we asked passersby where the incident occurred, but they didn’t know.  When Munir came he said it was a family living on the outskirts of the village; that’s why nobody knew.


Here’s what happened:

Settlers from Yitzhar came down at 9 AM toward the isolated house on the southern side of Burin (nearer to Yitzhar), to the olive grove, and began breaking tree limbs.  The residents called Munir; when the settlers saw his vehicle approaching they moved away.  The villagers contacted the Palestinian DCO, but two Israeli police jeeps and an army jeep in the area didn’t’ intervene!  It’s Area B; the Palestinian Authority is responsible for building permits.  That night settlers from Yitzhar came, reinforced by settlers from Beracha, wrote slogans on bricks at the construction site and tried to set fires by pouring oil at a number of spots on the site;  they didn’t succeed, “thank G_d.”  They damaged nearby beehives.  The slogan we saw read, “Rock throwing” – in other words, retaliation…  They broke many of the concrete blocks and tried to burn the electric pole and the lumber for construction that was on the site.  They stole the water pump and also uprooted pine trees that had been planted there.


There’s neither law nor justice in the settlers’ land.


Munir will send me the photos he took and I’ll upload them.


Huwwara and Beit Furiq:  No military presence (not in the towers either).


16:15  Za’tara junction

One soldier stands in the tower; a second, at the hitchhiking station, provides security for settlers returning to their illegal localities.


According to another report from “Il Iltihal,” the government plans to expand the Za’tara checkpoint and will expropriate lands from residents of Za’tara for that national endeavor.  It’s important to follow what happens/will happen there.


16:40  The tower at Kifl Hars is manned.