Qalandiya, Thu 24.10.13, Afternoon

Meira W. and Ronny P.
We heard that there was pressure in Qalandiya and decided to go to see. When we arrived at 8:30 pm there were no people in the waiting hall but  a line in front of all 3  caroussels at the windows. All 3 lines were not moving and from time to time a caroussel opened and all people ran to find it closed and not working.
We called  whoever we could call to investigate why the soldiers who were definitely there present did not let  people in.
We met a man who had a family unification permit for a year but was not allowed to go through. We tried very hard with the woman soldier to convince her to tell the man WHY can't he go through. Turns out that people have to  "renew" thier fingerprints but ,naturally, only the next day in the DCO office