'Azzun, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Mon 7.10.13, Morning

Nora R., Chana A., Chana P. (reporting), Translator: Charles K.




04:30  The crossing opened at 04:00.  Many people were already waiting outside, sitting in groups or lying down resting.

We met two women at the entrance who said there’s no separate entrance for women but things went reasonably well this morning and the inspections proceeded smoothly.  They said there are some days on which there’s great congestion and some people died as a result.

We went over to see the entrance to the facility.  People advanced quickly at the beginning but toward 05:00 it became increasingly congested.

One laborer approached us with a question:  This coming Sunday is a Moslem holiday.  Will they be permitted to travel around Israel as they were on previous holidays?  We didn’t have an answer.


'Azzun – entrance.

05:30  We had planned to reach the Jayyus agricultural gate for the start of the olive harvest.  At the entrance to 'Azzun there was a roadblock with two soldiers.  They told us the gate had been closed yesterday afternoon after children had thrown stones.