'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Mon 12.8.13, Morning

Leah R., Ana N.S. Translation: Yael Bassis-Student
06:10 A'aneen agricultural checkpoint   
On the road leading to the checkpoint we are surprised to find no people coming or going through it. The checkpoint is in fact open and there are about 10 soldiers there, including the armed one who stands by the concrete block located at the center of the checkpoint, his gun is pointed in the direction of the village. At his side stands the "Hummer" with its noisy engine running (this throughout the entire shift)  An exceptionally large group of soldiers is placed at the far lower side of the checkpoint; are they busy overlapping with the new soldiers on the site?
Passage begins at 06:15. This is when the first resident comes out.
In general the passage is very slow. Bags are inspected on the ground instead of in a more respectful  fashion, on a table. Inspectors ask nosy questions regarding a tooth brush found in one of the bags. Questions are asked regarding quantities and quality of clothing. Bags that appear too full are not allowed through. This is while the DCO person is on site. Most of those crossing over are young people. There are also a few fathers with their children. We hardly saw any women nor did we see adults or elderly people.
07:00  We leave. There are still about 20 people in the process of passing.
07:10  Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint   
The car park is almost full. Taxis arrive and passengers walk immediately into the terminal. A few minutes later we watch them coming out at the upper entrance. Five pickup trucks are called to go up for inspection.
The W.C.s are filthy as always. Water on the floor, no toilet paper.
Workers wait on the road to be picked up to work, there is bench for them nor there is  a shaded area. There is cooler for drinking water.
Above the playground by the taxi station there is a rag hanging, apparently as shade for the children. There are no children around.
07:30   We leave