Zeta, Wed 4.7.12, Morning

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Yehudit, Fathiya, Dvorka (reporting)

Translator: Hanna K.


10:15 Zeita,the women of the Hebrew class are waiting for us. Some other women, a bit older than the rest, appeared too, probably hoping to thread or sell necklaces, although we had announced that this activity was finished.

Yehudit (who came to assist us a second time this week) brought with her patterns and materials for crochet knitting and was welcomed with much joy by the women who had already begun learning the new patterns. As usual the presence of Petahya was very important: both by assisting in the last clarifications concerning the Sea-day, as well as by translating Yehudit's first instructions for the knitting group, and especially for the communication with one of the women from the surrounding villages who agreed to come and be interviewed for the Israeli TV, an initiative which was surprisingly postponed by them by a few days.


12:45 A drive through Jama'in, Einabus, Huwwara to Burin and Za'tara. On the way we didn't see soldiers nor blocking, except for Za'tara;

There, at 13:30 a single soldier stood in the guard booth and didn't stop cars.


At 14:15 soldiers checked every passing car.


At 14:50 there were again soldiers at the post, but they didn't stop cars. It seems that the checks were done alternately and for short periods.