Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Fri 13.9.13, Morning

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Revital Sela , Rachelah Chayut (reporting), Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


09:45 Drove through Bezeq Checkpoint


Alon way - road  no. 578

Herds of sheep fill up the landscape. Today there are no soldiers on site. The blazing heat is yet unnoticed at this time of day.


10:10 Hamra checkpoint

There are two female and two male soldiers on site. There are no flags (not even the Israeli flag). Traffic is scars. Families travel eastward.


Very few vehicles with workers go estward. Vehicles' waiting time for inspection is short. After standing there for 20 minutes one of the female soldiers yelled to us (as she was far from us) "want to cross over?" We asked, "are we allowed?" and her reply was :"Who are you anyway? What are you doing here?"


10:45-We left.


11:05 Tyasir checkpoint

Traffic is scarse. Here too there are no flags. The gate to the military base is wide open. A soldier approaches us from the direction of the road post. He seemed nervous because he thought we came out of the deserted army base. He calmed down after we introduced ourselves. We went up to the post. Three more soldiers (paratroopers in the midst of their training) stood by the post and engaged in conversation with us. They were curious about our organization and our opinions. One of them challenged us with ordinary questions but, for a change, stood quietly and listened to us without interrupting with slogans. He appeared puzzled as he faced the Day of Atonement at the checkpoint.


11:45  We left.


12:00  Bezequ checkpoint

 We drove away after we were told that road 90 would remain open during Day of Atonement.