Qalandiya, Tue 3.9.13, Morning

Virginia S., Ina F. (reporting)









Translator: Charles K.



As usual these days, long lines when we arrived at 05:40, reaching into the parking lot. All the lanes were open but operated very slowly, also as usual at this hour. We waited more than 10 minutes for the revolving gatesinfo-icon to open for the first time since our arrival. We searched for a coin to bang on the metal to get the attention of the soldier in the “aquarium,” but then the whistles of those waiting succeeded in opening the gates. A duty policeman was in the “aquarium” but didn’t come out while we were there.


As soon as we arrived we met a new pair of Ecumenicals and also a pair of guys from Blue-White. All had many questions; our impression was that the young men from Blue-White hadn’t received any orientation at all about the checkpoints and their operation (one asked why we were there!).


The DCO soldier arrived at 06:10 (there was already a sizeable crowd at the humanitarian gate), opened it immediately and then whenever a few people were waiting.


The congestion at the checkpoint wasn’t reduced until 07:30, but from around 07:00 the revolving gates opened more frequently.