Qalandiya, Tue 17.9.13, Morning

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Ina Friedman, Neta Efrony (reporting)




Translator: Charles K.


To our surprise and “joy”… crossing went very quickly. People arrived, entered the fenced corridors and exited toward Jerusalem in a very short time.

At first we thought there was a change for the better because of orders from above…or because of a new DCO commander…

But we were wrong.

Many of the enterprises in Atarot had closed for two weeks because of the holiday; that was the reason for our “joy”…

A poor consolation…

We met the new international observers who asked many questions and wanted to know the history of the checkpoint. I suggest referring those interested to YouTube; the full-length film about Qalandiya appears there in Hebrew and in English.

The “blue and whites” were also there. I met them for the first time. They didn’t understand why the humanitarian gate hadn’t opened.

Really, why didn’t it? When the congestion isn’t extreme, the humanitarian gate simply isn’t opened and the women and children are sent through the fenced corridors along with the men.

Really - why not???