Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Silwan, Mon 9.9.13, Morning

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Idit S. (filming) Anat T. (filming and reporting)
6:45 Sheikh Saed

School children and labourers cross without waiting in line.

Idit visited the "Bimkom" lobby last week to find out the purpose of the work going on at the checkpoint.  The official version: to upgrade and improve passage.

According to "Bimkom" there's a clash or contradiction between plans for work on the eastern ring road and present work on the wall.  At the checkpoint we meet the representative of the local residents on his way to work, and pass on the information we have obtained from "Bimkom", so that the residents and their lawyer can look into the details.


Nothing new, as far as we can tell, this morning. 

The sounds of a harp from the City of David reach us.

Olive Terminal

The wall touches the vehicle crossing which has been closed since its construction.  According to the transporters, the toilets have remained closed for three weeks, since Ramadan.