Qalandiya, Mon 29.7.13, Afternoon

Natanya G., Inbal B., Hannah B.(reporting), Ayala S. (translator)

Arriving at the CP at 16:00, we found a very long queue progressing slowly. Only three posts were operating and the "humanitarian" passage was closed. We waited to see if the situation would be altered but since nothing happened we started a round of telephone calls. Indeed, after a while another post was opened up and the "humanitarian" passage  was opened up for women and children. A checking-post bypass was also opened up and was operating most of the time we were there. The pressure on the turnstiles eased and the passage ran well. By 18:00 the flow nearly stopped, possibly due to the approach of the end of the fast.

Replacing the "beigalehs" – "hallahs" were on sale today. A demented man was at the CP throughout our stay, and "amused" the passersby.