Etzion DCL, Wed 26.6.13, Afternoon

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Yael L.-J., reporting, Avital F., driver, translator

14.00 - 16.30 PM

When we reached Etzion DCO it looked relatively empty. 
There were two Palestinian cars and a few people marching toward the turnstile in the waiting hall. On duty was a female officer who seemed to speak Arabic fluently. The first people crossed the hall without contacting us. Two Christian Arab brothers from Bethlehem arrived dressed in Bermuda shorts. They told us a slightly confused story. They were applying for a "Tazrich" (a passing permit), but only one of them got it. The other did not get it, after the soldier in charge glanced at his computer. They told us that the Palestinian Police reacted the same way sending them to Etzion DCO. One brother got the permit but the other did not. We gave them some addresses of people who had helped in similar cases.