Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sat 30.3.13, Afternoon

Ruthie R. and guest

 Natanya translating.


14.40At the turning of road 55 to road 60 are three soldiers, a sign “Checkpoint ahead of you” and spikes on the road.

We were stopped and asked for our documents. All coming cars were stopped and checked. Palestinians cars travelled in the direction of Sarah.

So we could not see if they were prevented from passing here but it would appear so.

When we asked if this was not the duty of a policeman we were told, ”In Judea and Samaria we are the police.”

At the other end of the road behind Yitzhar and before the turning to Huwwara was a Hummer which blocked the road and did not allow Palestinian cars to pass.

Is it possible that this was done because of Land day (March 30th) and the settlement of Yitzhar?


Checkpoint of Huwwara.

4 soldiers on the road at the exit of Nablus were watching the cars and stopping some randomly especially when there were young people in it. While we were there the checking of documents was fairly quick.


Beit Furik checkpoint.

The checkpoint was open and there were no soldiers there.


When we returned there were still soldiers there and the checking was as before.

The Hammer which had blocked road 60 was gone. We wanted to see if Israeli cars had been allowed through but they had gone and the traffic continued as usual. Maybe they had gone to protect the entrance to Yitzhar settlement. We did not check.


Checkpoint of Za’tara/Tapuach.

About 20 cars in line and the traffic moves slowly. At the end of the line are 4 soldiers who stopped a truck with furniture. 5 young men were taken off and were searched bodily. Their faces to the fence, hands and legs stretched out. Afterwards the driver and truck were searched.

In the meantime other cars which arrived continued on their way.