Abu Dis, Ras Abu sbitan,Sheikh Saed,, Silwan, Tue 4.6.13, Morning

Dafna S., Anat T. (reporting )




Date: 04/06/2013

Observers: Daphna S., Anat T. (reporting)

7:00 Sheikh Saed

Almost none crossing; and few vehicles.   Last week we were not allowed to cross through the checkpoint and had to ask the Jerusalem Envelope DCO representatives to intervene.  They instructed the surprised checkpoint commander that civil rights organizations are indeed permitted to cross at this checkpoint as well as to return to Jerusalem.  The instructions were received in relatively good spirit.

There were no problems this week, and the drivers above the checkpoint told us excitedly that work has begun on a new road from the neighbourhood to Al Ezariya and Jerusalem, performed by the Palestinian Authority and with overseas funding.

We decided to go there with one of the drivers next week to see the route and its progress.

7:30 Silwan

Its morning tranquility -- apparently after nightly arrests -- is always surprising.

Archaeological digs on the other side of the road at the Shiloah juncture: The same archaeologist from the Antiquities Authority continues her enthusiastic  salvage dig on the other side where relics of a wall and tower from the Second Temple era have been found.  This time, an enormous rock had been quickly uncovered, and next week the salvage dig will be covered over.  The sewage pipe will not go through this road, but not clear where it can go in an area full of sensitive discoveries.  It's not easy to find a spot to lay a sewage pipe in certain neighbourhoods of this city.


8:15 Olive Terminal

No progress in the work to close the wall in the Olive Terminal area.  It looks as though the wall will be closed in the lower crossing of Az-Za'ayyem.  An interesting personal conversation with one of the guards, who tells us that the houses close to the checkpoint belong to bedouins who settled here.
A day later Nir Hasson's piece in Ha-aretz was published, concerning the overpass about to be approved which will separate north-south Palestinian traffic  from Jewish traffic from Ma'aleh Adumim to Jerusalem.