Bethlehem (300), Sun 19.5.13, Morning

Chana A. (reporting)

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student



On the road I watch a stream of workers, buses cabs etc.

People report that today was "ok", and  "The entire month was ok".

There are hardly any people inside the terminal. Within a few minutes a new group arrives. Like at every other rime, passage is done in groups rather than a constant stream .

Passage is  swift and there are no jams. Here and there might be a problem with finger prints or a certain document. In the end all go through.


07:15  Three windows are open.


07:25  The hall is vacant. Two windows closes down.


07:35 A new, large group arrives when only one window is operational. I say something and the military police officer says :"I'm going in right away to let  people  through", a second window opens and passage runs quickly.


07:45 All had gone through, one window remains open.

End of morning service at checkpoint 300.