Qalandiya, Mon 13.5.13, Afternoon

Natanya G. and Phyllis W. (reporting)

When we reached Qalandiya at 4 PM we saw an Israeli ambulance waiting on the Jerusalem side of the CP.  Natanya went to see what was happening and discovered that the two personnel were waiting to drive some people from Gaza to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.  While Natanya was talking to the driver (who spoke only Hebrew and no Arabic), they were approached by a middle-aged woman accompanied by a small girl.  The woman told Natanya in Arabic that she and her granddaughter were waiting to be taken to Ichilov, which solved the question of how to connect the ambulance and the passengers.  The little girl, who has a problem with the veins in her feet, was very frightened – especially of doctors – and the ambulance team bent over backwards to be nice and friendly.  We went on our way, but kept an eye on the ambulance which stayed at the CP for another half an hour.  It turned out that they were arranging a permit for the grandmother and her little girl so that they would be able to return to Gaza directly from Tel Aviv, without detouring via Jerusalem. Then they left.


As for the CP, it was quiet with very few people present.  It was also terribly dirty and repulsive. The usual.  Nothing to report.