Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Thu 2.5.13, Morning

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Revital S., Rachela H.


11:45 Bezeq CP

We went through.


Alon Road - Road 578

The embankment is in place. The Gukhia Gate is not there.


12:00  Hamra CP

It is hot and dry and deserted. Four reservists and two women soldiers ask us what we want and offer us water. For the most part workers coming back from work are going through in minibuses.

12:35  We left.


13:05 Tyasir CP

Soldiers are in maneuvers in the area north of the road leading to the CP. There are signs of a big fire in the area.  Traffic on the road is very thin and so is the traffic through the CP, which is manned by  reservists. One of them approaches us and asks us to wait until he gets his orders about how to relate to us. We continued walking up to the post. He returned to his three friends. All four stood at the post and told us that throughout the whole month that they have been here, and maybe even before that, the sleeveinfo-icon for pedestrians has not been in operation.

There are no pedestrians in Tyasir. Everybody goes through in vehicles. And indeed, the post, the turnstile, and the sleeve look deserted.

13:20 We left.


113:45 Bezeq CP

We went through.