Ruth T., Hasida Sh. (reporting)

Translation: Bob Goldman


Shaked - Tura checkpoint 6:50

The big gate on the seam zone side is open so wide that it seemed as if there is no gate at all. The pedestrian path (the metal sleeveinfo-icon) is closed. On the west bank side (Tura) there is only one car and no pedestrians. In the center of the checkpoint there’s a large military vehicle. Soldiers are not seen. Afterwards it turns out that the soldiers are in the car, maybe because of the cold and rain. Probably those waiting on the other side sat in cars for the same reason.


Suddenly the checkpoint starts up. At 7:05, the first worker comes through, followed by others. A handful enters the territories... One student and another… A car drives from the west bank toward the seam zone and returns around after about ten minutes. Children haven’t come. Another day of teachers' strike. They haven’t received their salaries.


Reihan - Barta `a Checkpoint 07.35
The lower car park of the barrier isn’t full yet, but there are cars parked in makeshift parking lot up near the road leading to the territories. On this road, a little further up, there are two yellow metal arms, one blocking the way to the Kaffin (south) and second blocks access to the ZABDE (north). On the other side (blocked) of the metal arms are parked cars of people who make their way to Reihan checkpoint, but not ready to make a big detour and prefer to walk from here (about one kilometer).


People flow into the terminal. Cars come; unload passengers, who immediately proceed to the terminal gate. It seems that the other side also flows freely. We gave a ride to Ali, the youth being hospitalized again in Rambamhospital in Haifa. Crossing procedure for patients in his condition is simple and convenient and is carried out at the site where trucksare checked. His documents and luggage are checked and immediately we went out from the gate where the trucks go after inspection. Down the road about six trucks were waiting their turn to go through.


Another woman traveled with us to Rambam Hospital to be with her two and a half year old son and replace the father who was sitting with him. She didn’t enjoy the same leniency, and had to go through inspection at the terminal.
The occupation goes on; everything goes along ‘normally’, except of course, the occupation itself.