Bethlehem (300), Tue 5.2.13, Morning

Rachel M., Drora P. (Reporting).

Translation: Naomi Gal

Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300, the Israeli side:
6:50 AM, many people who had already crossed the checkpoint are waiting for transportation outside of the checkpoint. Inside, a stream of people are passing. Everything is done quietly and efficiently for the benefit of those who are passing. Since the people who are crossing do not have to present a working permit in Israel, the passage is faster.
One of the passers waited at the corridor behind the counters in order to check the reason for the denial of his passage. One of the officers dealt with the problem, only to find out that the answer was the same one the man got in the first place. The man again turned to the DCL. The inquiry was conducted quietly and farther away from us so that we could not find out the details.
By 7:20 the entire line was gone.