'Anata-Shu'afat, Al-Ezariya, Container (Wadi Nar), Mon 21.1.13, Afternoon

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Chana G., Julia W., Rahel W. (reporting)


We went first to Anata.  The parking lot was strewn with filth and broken glass.  It appears that the place is never cleaned.  While traffic and individuals went through their respective checkpoints with little delay, the border police on duty had some need to shout at people through loud speakers.  


Ezariya:  When we arrived at Ezariya, there was a (blue) police patrol checking cars leaving the area with the result of a traffic backup that extended into the middle of Ezariya – up to the place of the mosque.  


Wadi Naar:  We were very apprehensive about travelling to Wadi Naar via the new road because it was already in bad condition before the storms a week ago, (especially at the second turn) going up.  We contacted our former driver Sammy to meet us in Ezariya and take us up so that we would be able to see the condition of the road before venturing out on our own.  The area with the pot holes is indeed worse after the bad weather of last week and we would strongly advise against using that road.  Sammy then took us down and showed us another road that leads into the village but then continues to the checkpoint.  The new road intersects with the road that we used to take from the “pishpash” in Abu Dis.  The latter road appeared to be much safer and that is what we will be taking henceforth.


There was very little traffic at Wadi Naar.  The few cars that went through in both directions did so with no delay.