Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Silwan, Wed 2.1.13, Morning

Adit S., Anat T. (reporting)





A quiet morning despite Feiglin's visit to the Temple Mount yesterday;
in Wadi Nar the pack of dogs is back
7:00 Sheikh Saed
Traffic is sparse, workmen crossed earlier, and children are on winter vacaion.  The vehicle barrier went up suddenly (perhaps to protect against rust) -- we've never seen a vehicle cross here.
7:40 Silwan
We decided to go through the main street, Ein Hilweh, to see if there are checks or barriers on account of the tension created by Feiglin's  provocative visit yesterday, and were glad to find no unusual presence of soldiers or policemen.  Is everything in the underground tunnels?
8:00 Wadi Nar 
On approaching we saw several cars headed for Bethlehem (south) being checked.  The reason, we were told, was investigation of criminal activity.  The checkpoint still looks like a dog pound (see photos), this time with puppies.  At our request the dogs are placed at a distance and we approach cautiously.  The soldiers say the dogs give them a sense of security especially on Fridays when groups of drunks return from Jericho.
For our entire stay traffic was not stopped.