Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL, Thu 27.12.12, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Ora A


Translator:  Charles K.


 Etzion DCO 


14:20  A man came out saying he’d obtained a magnetic card but knows he won’t receive an entry permit to Israel because he’s been blacklisted by the Shabak.  We referred him to Sylvia.  A few people who’d received entry permits emerged after him.  An elderly woman who didn’t receive a permit also emerged.  She said she requested an entry permit to Jerusalem in order to take care of her pregnant daughter hospitalized at Makassad Hospital.  Her daughter had been brought there yesterday by ambulance from her home in Azzariya.  The mother lives in Bethlehem but the DCO refused to grant a permit and sent her to Azzariya.  We spoke to the humanitarian office.  The women re-entered, and received a permit.


A Palestinian physician who’d come for a short visit from the Ukraine requested an entry permit to Jerusalem for the Christian New Year holiday.  All the members of his family had received entry permits for the holiday; he wanted to join them.  He was sent to the Palestinian DCO, but it was closed because of a strike.  Shlomit spoke with the humanitarian office.  The man entered and received a permit.  A young man approached us saying he came this morning to obtain a magnetic card.  They sent him to buy stamps (they’re not for sale on site) and told him to return the same day.  He returned at 15:00.  The sign on the DCO door says it closes at 16:00.  But when he arrived he was refused entry; they said that magnetic cards aren’t issued after 14:00.  If he doesn’t obtain a card today, he’ll lose a week of work.  He wasn’t admitted, but was told to come and receive the card on Sunday.


Two young men told us that a few residents of the settlement of Bat Ayin visited the Palestinian family that had been hospitalized after being seriously injured by a Molotov cocktail thrown at their car near Bat Ayin, and apologized.