'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 18.11.12, Morning

Ruthy T., Hassida S.

Translation: Naomi Gal


A‘anin 06:15   

At the crossing we saw about five A’anin residents who have already left the checkpoint and were waiting for employers. We passed several others on our way.

The checkpoint gatesinfo-icon are wide open, no one to be seen. Few people are passing, in great intervals.  According to the soldiers, around 130 people crossed this morning.

Inside the checkpoint area there is a big pile of dark dirt. The dirt is also scattered along the fence on the Palestinian side. A landscaping project?

The daughters of the Bedouin family who lives at the foot of the checkpoint are waiting for their transportation to school in Um Reihan. We try to talk to them.  Unfortunately our Arabic is not good enough. We also met W. from the DCO.


Tura Shaked  07.1 

The checkpoint is open. The younger students had already crossed. Their shuttle driver went to be checked and would return later to drive them further, or he might go back home.


Barta (Reihan) 07:30

Seven trucks loaded with goods are by the side of the road, waiting to be checked. This process will continue until 12:00. We learned from Betselem's report why the trucks are so small: “Only 42 small trucks - up to 4 tons - have permits to carry goods to the village, including food, electrical appliances and clothing .... (They) are allowed to enter the village only once a day... The goods ... must be organized so that their width and height do not exceed 150 cm, so that they fit into the screening machines at the checkpoint.” Betselem, page 35.


In addition, there are of course restrictions on the amount of food that people can carry with them, and there are no clear guidelines. It is at the discretion of those who check. It is forbidden to carry fresh meat from one side to the other.

In general, these restrictions increase the cost of transportation and cause an increase in the price of the goods compared to their price in Jenin. Live and learn.

The parking lot is already packed, and the traffic of people who are passing at this late hour is flowing. 


We took a family who has arrived from Jenin to Rambam Hospital.