Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL, Mon 15.10.12, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A.


Translator:  Charles K.


14:20  Many cars crowding the parking lot, including taxis and minibuses.  Many people stood next to the revolving gate in the waiting room.  They complained the gate hadn’t opened for a long time and no one had entered.  They say thirty people are waiting inside.  Only two soldiers are working, and from time to time they stop and take care of personal matters.  We telephoned the humanitarian office.


A young man approached us; he has cancer and is receiving chemotherapy in Jerusalem.  He has an entry permit to Israel valid for three months that expired yesterday; he’d come to renew it.  They took his documents and told him that “the Shabak has to re-examine the case and he should wait until they’re finished.”  They didn’t give him a temporary permit for the coming days, so he won’t be able to receive chemotherapy.  Friends who wished to accompany him to the hospital said they’d received entry permits to Israel.  Only the patient didn’t receive one.  He and his friends gave up and left.  After they’d moved away Shlomit was able to talk to S., the officer, who promised to help.  We were soon informed that the permit had been approved.  We were able to inform him.  He returned to the DCO and received it.


A man from Hebron told us his mother is receiving chemotherapy in Jerusalem.  He asked to visit her but didn’t get a crossing permit because he’s been blacklisted by the Shabak.  We suggested submitting a request at the DCO for the Shabak to examine.


An elderly man complained that his compact tractor had been confiscated when he was working on private land in the Hebron area.  It was confiscated with the excuse that he was in Area C, where it’s forbidden to operate equipment without a permit.  He was asked to pay NIS 5,230!


A church worker told us that his Jerusalem work permit had been taken away.  He was told the Shabak wanted to see him, but he hasn’t yet been called.  He’s been trying unsuccessfully for two days to see them.  We referred him to Sylvia.


16:10  A few people came out whose  requests for entry permits to Jerusalem for the upcoming holiday had been denied.  A chemotherapy patient received a permit.  There are still 18 cars in the parking lot.


16:25  Two people who received magnetic cards told us they’d been there since morning.  One arrived at 08:00 and the other at 10:00.


16:40  Two cheerful young women arrived.  They entered immediately and came right out with permits.