Qalandiya, Tue 23.10.12, Morning

Ina F., Nava J. E. (reporting)




The vehicle barrier is jammed with vehicles coming in from Ramalla and er-Ram and Highway 60. At the entrance to the CP parking lot we were blocked from entering by  vehicles arriving from  the easterly direction.



Three lengthy queues stretching to the parking area – some 250 men. Inside: all five  checking posts are in full operation with some 200 persons  on line. No one posted at the Humanitarian lane. The Swedish Ecumenical volunteer reported that from 5AM until the "change of the guards",  all went smoothly  but then the delays began.



During the past half hour 370 persons went through, including about 100 at the Humanitarian post. The queues have shortened, with 'only' some 180 persons still waiting. The soldier at the Humanitarian post is very considerate. Usually, latecomers are not attended to and need to wait out some 15-20 minutes for the post to reopen –the soldier now noticed the delay and let them through.

A youth on his own was delayed some 10 minutes on the way from the Humanitarian to the CP, possibly due to lack of documents. Following a short conversation with a policeman he was sent on his way.

Improvement at the Humanitarian CP: A policeman singled out a group of schoolkids, apparently late for school, and cleared other traffic from CP4 for them, leaving the other passers for CP5.



During the past half hour, some 450 person went through – about 150 at the Humanitarian CP. Another 120 were in the queues and 70 were still on the outside.

7:20: The soldier posted at the vehicle CP checks our documents. "Where are you from?" and Ina replies: "from Rehovot". To which his excited response was: "So am I!"