'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 18.10.12, Afternoon

Tsafrira Z. and Neta G.

Translation Dvora k.


14:55 A'anin CP

The soldiers are already there. About a dozen people are waiting. There is no need to hurry to get here. During the olive-picking season the gate is open until 16:30. That, of course, is still bad, but it does ease things to some extent. We are told that in the morning about 60 people went through and some more went through at noon. This also eases things somewhat. One man, a resident of A'anin, has no permit. It seems that he has a work permit and can go through the Shaked-Tura and the Reihan-Barta'a CPs. But he cannot go through in A'anin. He would prefer to go through A'anin during the olive-picking season where the CP is open every day, to save time and costs of travel. It is forbidden. He has to travel by two taxis, from Tura to Jenin and from Jenin to A'anin. We drove him to the Shaked-Tura CP.


15:40 Shaked-Tura CPThere is very little traffic in both directions. Our passenger tells us that five residents of A'anin who have work permits, have a problem like his.


16:10 Reihan- Barta'a CP

On the side of the seamline zone, workers are going down the sleeveinfo-icon on their way to their homes on the West Bank. A few families, in holiday dress, emerge from the sleeve on their way to East Barta' in the seamline zone. Two posts are working in the terminal. Sometimes the passage is delayed a bit, when in one of the posts they inspect those entering the seamline zone. One person tells us: "A one-sided retreat is a good thing -- but to the border." Four detaineesinfo-icon are sitting on the bench in the terminal. They went through some road without a permit, in order to earn some money, and now they want to go home.

17:00 We leave.


Workers arrive. Three little children are playing in the area near the vehicle CP, the one with the slide, while their father's car is being inspected. Two people stop us near the parking lot. One of them has work in Israel, but he has no agricultural permit. The second is detained by the police. We give them telephone numbers where they may get some help.