Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Tue 28.8.12, Afternoon

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Rachela H. (reporting), R.A., (Guest)

Translation: Bracha B.A.


12:00 – We crossed Bezek Checkpoint.


Route 578 Alon

A young man is sitting under a tree at Mechola Junction.  His job is to supervise a camerainfo-icon that tracks traffic at the junction.


12:15 – Hamra Checkpoint

Traffic is moving west, with laborers, and taxis with families and other passengers are going east.  The mobile X-ray unit for checking bags is operating.  We left at 13:10.


13:35 – Tayasir Checkpoint

The commander, a staff sergeant, told us not to go up to the position where we usually go, on the pretext that it is a military zone and that we were getting in the way.  We explained the job that we are doing and reminded him of our fundamental right to be present at a checkpoint where civilians are crossing.  He walked away and headed for the position on the road, leaving us for someone else to deal with. He lives in the south, and claimed that he was protecting his home. "This is my home here.  Let them stay in their homes."   He claimed that the same thing held true for us, and that we were only a small minority, and that we should also leave.  While this was going on the soldiers tried to call someone, who did not answer.  When we asked them about the beating that had taken place among soldiers of the Kfir division, they insisted that in their unit (Lavie) nothing like that could ever happen. 

There is more traffic here than has been in previous weeks. Here, too, cars with laborrs are going west and taxis with passengers and families are going east.  We left at 14:00.


14:15 – Bezek Checkpoint

We crossed the checkpoint.  While we were passing through we saw dogs being used to check cars which were parked at the checkpoint.  We were unable to go back and check what it was about.