Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Tue 14.8.12, Afternoon

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (reporting, taking photographs)


12:15 Bezeq CP

We went through.


Road 578, Alon Road

We measured / calculated the size of the new vineyard opposite the settlement of Ro'ei. It is about 160 dunams. This is further proof that the thirst imposed on the local non-Jewish residents (and their herds), does not derive from a lack of water.


12:40 Hamra CP (Hot!!!)

Here, too, there are new yellow stripes on the road. One of the soldiers explains that there is an obligation to have yellow stripes before a sign that signals entry into the A area. There are banners of 'Kfir" on which there is the sentence: [Soldiers of the] 'Lavie' Brigade fight like lions and gain victory together. Somebody from the base warns the soldiers about us. The sergeant shows the soldiers: "I am the 

only one to talk" and asks us / orders us to leave. Somebody in communications tells him to ask us for written permits. He claims that this is a military area, and that we are not allowed to observe the CP post, that he is the commander and he knows that we are interfering with his work. After all the discussions with the sergeant ended, and after we had already decided to leave, a jeep came to the post. A lieutenant got out of it, and after him a smiling soldier with earphones, who seemed happy to meet us.


The pedestrian traffic was very thin. The cars went through without inspection. 14:10 We left


14:30 Bezeq CP

We went through.