Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Sun 29.7.12, Morning

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Rutie T., Yochie A. (reporting)

07:00 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

We're in the midst of Ramadan. We're told that the gate for pedestrians from the direction of the Seam Line zone open until midnight the right to cross over is given to residents of the Seam Line zone only.

Residents of the West Bank require special permit if they wish to visit relatives in the evening.

Upon our arrival at 07:00 The checkpoint is already open. One of the workers said that :"Today they’ve worked well".

A soldier comes over and offers us a bottle of water. All appears proper.

7:25 – We leave.


7:40 – Mevoh Dotan checkpoint

The site appears to be manned. Cars stops, drivers wait for a signal, approach the soldiers and proceed after the stop.

We talk with soldiers with curly sideburns (one of them is from Itamar) and with another from Beit Zarzeer (a Bedouin village between Nahalall and Solleleem) who declared that they get along nicely.


8:00 – Reihan/Barta'a

The parking lot is not yet filled up. The Kiosk is closed due to Ramadan.

At the car park there is a truck loaded with cardboard boxes with an inscription saying that its content is frozen meat from Brazil. The truck is not a cooling truck and it is parked in the sun.

We move to the other side of the gate, where traffic is slow and our cars' trunk is inspected.

8:25 – We leave