Qalandiya, Mon 9.7.12, Morning

Judy Orstav, Maya Bailey, (reporting)
05:55  we are in the waiting  hall of  Qalandiya.  Three fairly long lines  at each of the  carousels. 
The  soldier is being  exchanged,  and therefor it moves  slowly.
Then  only  one carousel is being opened  and in a split second what was an orderly, slow  moving line
becomes  a   hysteric  hell.  In no time  crazy pushing  and  shouting  for the first line  gets into motion.
Five minutes later all is well again  and by  07:20  almost  everyone  who wanted to cross , was  gone.
The Humanitarian gate  worked  normally  and the police officer  in the courtyard  was  doing  his job by trying to be  alert to the lines and the gate.  It is miserable, but it works under the circumstances  that exist  there.