Abu Dis, Sheikh Saed, Thu 14.6.12, Morning

Shosh H., Rahel M., Michaela R. (reporting)


6:45 Sheikh Saed
In contrast to previous weeks, most of the children today crossed without checks.  At one point, those checking left their booth and asked to be shown the contents of bags, and once in a while checked to see the children's permits.
An elderly man accompanied by two women was turned back.
When we arrived all the gatesinfo-icon were open, but closed thereafter.
The checkpoint is calm.  We met two guards ("civil intelligence") and one border-policewoman.  Most of the children had crossed and were waiting for transportation.  A few vehicles arrive (their owners are on a list at the checkpoint), and the ritual of opening the electronic gates follows, two (!) in front of the checkpoint and two at the exit after the inspection.  Although we've seen this checkpoint many times, we can't help wondering whether anyone has given thought to the waste entailed by placing two gates in front when the checking takes place only inside the checkpoint area.  And why two more after those crossing have already been checked?
Who inspects the wondrous "architecture" of the checkpoints, or audits the enormous financial investment?