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Leila S., Hanah H.

6:00 Reihan checkpoint

Many workers from the Seam Line zone are already waiting for transportation at the upper car park. They tell us that today's passage is swift but inside the terminal there are many people.

We go down the sleeveinfo-icon. All come out of the terminal puuting their belts bck on, smiling and reporting that:-"All is well".


6:30There are no longer that many people at the terminal and passage is very quick.

We are informed of a father whose two sons were caught in Israel as illegal aliens and he is punished. Despite his work permit inside Israel, ever since his boys were caught he is not permitted to cross over for work.


7:00 Shaked checkpoint

The gate on the side of the Seam Line zone is open but passage is not allowed yet. Soldiers are occupied with the gate leading to the West Bank, Tura, that couldn't open due to a problem with its lock.

Perhaps within all the renovations a new lock would be installed?


7:05At this time passage begins; First people and pupils from the Seam Line zone. School summer vacation has started. Teachers cross over to prepare report cards. The graduates go for exams. They go through the inspection cabin. There are rumors that from this spot , in the future, workers who are employed at the Shah"ak industrial area would cross over.

7:15The gate on the Tura side opens up. There is crowding by the carousel but people go through fast.