Reihan, Shaked, Tue 8.5.12, Morning

Leila S.,& Hanah H.



6:00 – Reihan checkpoint

There are no workers waiting in the upper car park, but there are vans with 2-3 worker in each one, waiting for the rest of the group that is still delayed in the checkpoint. Those waiting  tell us that  in the last couple of days the early morning passage is very slow, "Whenever there are new workers there is cause by the machine". They claim of being inside the terminal for about an hour..


6:10– We go down the sleeveinfo-icon where we see coming from the opposite direction people holding their belts , complaining on terrible crowed inside and delays by the machine.

Inside the terminal there are noises, the Biometric window is vacant.


6:35Night shift workers return to the West bank and cross over swiftly. It appears that the heavy load inside subsides and calm is restored.


6:55 – Shaked checkpoint

Soldiers open up gatesinfo-icon. The area is under construction and since yesterday (until Thursday) there is no passage for vehicles and all pedestrians, including school children and teachers have to go through the inspection cabin.


7:10– Only at this time the checkpoint opens for traffic and by the carousel at the entrance from the West Bank there is noise and hustle, but by 7:30 all have gone through.