Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Thu 29.3.12, Morning

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Rahel M., Netta A., Michaela R. (reporting)


Generally: there is a deterioration at the Olive Terminal; the lines are long and so is the waiting time.
6:10 Sheikh Saed
There are c.10 persons in the corridor, children cross without standing in line.  The inspection of adult documents is very slow.
Two pupils wait in front of the turnstile to enter into Sheikh Saed, but the personnel in the booth don't notice them until alerted by someone crossing.  In order to let them pass, the routine checks are interrupted, the pupils are asked a number of questions before they depart and the checkpoint returns to routine.
7:00 Olive Terminal
Some 50 wait in front of the outside turnstile, with long and closely packed lines in the corridors inside. The turnstiles open from time to time.
At around 7:15 the outside turnstiles begin to open more frequently, and at 7:30 the outside turnstile opens for pupils.  By 7:40 the line disappears, but inside dozens still wait at each checking booth. The time of crossing, from arrival to inspection is around 30 minutes.
We directed a man whose brother is prevented by the Operations Departmet ("Ag'am") to the team that deals with overturning such prevention.
8:20 Wadi Nar
On arrival we found two vehicles, headed for Bethlehem, detained.  One was quickly released, the other took longer. A detainee, very young, remained in the shelter.
Later more taxis headed for Bethlehem are detained, mostly for a few moments.
When we realized we couldn't assist the detainee, we moved away from the checkpoint.  From a distance, we saw him led to the booth. We returned to see him taken back to the shelter.  It wasn't clear whether our presence prolonged the detention or prevented a harsher treatment of the detainee.