Reihan, Shaked, Tue 20.3.12, Morning

Hanah H. and Yocheved G.

Reihan checkpoint


The time is 06:00 and workers get out at a regular pase. We met a Palestinian worker who holds a valid work permit in Israel. For a number of years he worked for an Israeli contractor but that employer lost his permit from the Labor Ministry, causing the Palestinian worker to become unemployed. We took that person's number hoping to be able to help him


Shaked checkpoint

The time is 07:00. The gate is open but not the inspection cabin. The children wait outside. Schoolchildren arrive on foot or are driven by their parents and wait to the opening of the inner gate. One female police officer inspects them.

There are delays inside the inspection cabin, it turns out that there are new computer workers.


07:30 Back to the Reihan checkpoint to pick up Ali and take him to Rambam hospital.