'Anata-Shu'afat, Qalandiya, Sun 26.2.12, Afternoon

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Yael S., Miri S. (reporting)

We approached the Anata barrier and noticed nothing outstanding. A woman of about 40, a youth and a schoolgirl confirmed that passage was fine today relative to passage in the past. They seemed happy.
We continued to Qalandiya, where we stayed for about an hour and a half. A Palestinian asked us to find a way to speed up a delay at the Ministry of Interior regarding his wife's (residency?) permit. Yael directed him to the Humanitarian hot point and gave him her telephone number. We also assisted a woman with a child, who apparently was not registered in her passage permit, to cross over, and were warmly thanked by her as well as by another person who witnessed the scene.
Half an hour later, we met up with three MW members who had completed their AM duty.
We stayed on to examine the situation at the Qalandiya CP. Yael got in touch with the person in charge and complained about the neglect of the toilets in the waiting hall. We listed the major faults we observed today:
The waiting hall is freezing. Can't some heating be arranged there?
There aren't enough benches and some of the benches are in very bad condition.
The stenching toilets are locked!
The fenced in lanes in front of the turnstiles are so narrow that heavier people or people carrying belongings find it very difficult to get through.
Some of the turnstiles, particularly the first and the last ones, are very difficult to rotate, definitely difficult for elderly people.
It is very difficult for parents with infants to get through the turnstiles. Reducing the number of bars there would have improved this difficulty.
I was very impressed by the patience and good will of the population, particularly a group of young students, and felt that our presence contributed to their empathy and the atmosphere there.