Reihan, Shaked, Sun 29.1.12, Afternoon

Ruthi T., Yochi A.

Translation: Bracha B.A.


15:10 – Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

There is light but continuous traffic.  Vehicles going in both directions are being meticulously checked: all doors, the hood, and the boot are all being opened.

There is a short line of a few people in the inspection booth.  We were told that school vacation would end in a day or two.

We had an interesting conversation with two soldiers who approached us.  We explained our job in "MachsomWatch."  We stressed that the checkpoint is located within occupied territory and not on the Green Line.  One of the soldiers told us that a year ago a boy was caught carrying a bag of explosives.  He had been sent by people who wanted to be caught and sent to jail.  We hear versions of this story passed down from one group of soldiers to another.

We left at 15:50.

We give a ride to Um-A-Reihan to two people on our way to the Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint.

16:00 – Mevo Dotan CHeckpoint

The checkpoint is operating.  Cars going in both directions stop and continue on without being checked.

Soldiers tell us to move from the parking place because "we are blocking traffic." A driver of a patrol jeep warns us that people are throwing stones at Yaabed. We asked them if they could possibly be frustrated because the charcoal factories have been closed and they have no way of earning a living, and they have no answer.

16:20 –Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint  

The parking lot is full.  Seven loaded trucks are lined up to be checked in the morning.  We see women with children and packages emerging and decide to see how long it takes them to get through.  It is 16:25. 

We drove up to the upper parking lot and went down the sleeveinfo-icon.  Many people are coming back from work.  People are going through quickly until suddenly the turnstile stops and only 4-5 people are allowed through at once.

One man told us that there were problems in the morning.  He arrived at 05:00 and only finished being checked at 05:30.

At 16:55 the women we had been keeping a lookout for finally came through.  One of them was very angry.  The others were apparently used to things and less agitated than we were.  They had all their packages searched and underwent a body search as well.

We left at 17:10.