Etzion DCO, Har Huma, Bethlehem Checkpoint, Tuesday, January 24, 2012, Afternoon

Yael L., -J (reporting), Channah St., Avital F.(driver)



17.00 ---  13.30  

Etzion DCO


In the parking lot there are 8 Palestinian cars and 2 Israeli ones. The big waiting hall is empty. Some Palestinians, who were waiting outside for friends, were telling us, that inside the building - not visible to us –is  a second smaller waiting room. There was a group of young men from Bethlehem, who had to wait there for Shabak who wanted to examine them. .

After a while they came out, telling us, that one of them got a new summons for the 26 of January. All the others were released with the remark:" in case we need you, we will let you know."


Meanwhile two more men had arrived. One was  a Palestinian, who had emigrated to Chile, now just visiting his parents. He wanted to apply for  a permit concerning his father, who needed treatment  in Hadassa hospital.

The other man came for a magnetic card for himself. Both had to wait for some time, because no soldier was available for more than half an hour. Ch. had to phone twice until a soldier came.


Checkpoint Har Homa


Traffic was sparse. We could pass without being checked..



Checkpoint Bethlehem


We arrived at 16.30. Palestinians were returning home in small groups. Only in one counter is open with a not very friendly female soldier, who was sending back a father with his young son. We could not see why. It seemed that his permit was not in order.