Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 23.11.11, Afternoon

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Karen L. (taking pictures), Gila P (reporting) Translation: Galia


Meeting a humanist, a man of spirit and vision.

E – Tuesday, November 23, 2011, p.m.


12:30 –

A heart-to-heart talk with a man who works for his living. This is what he said:

"When you greet me, you bring the two peoples close together. The sea is vast and its water is clear, but even a small amount of garbage can lead to wrong impression that the whole sea is polluted. Meeting a cruel soldier or a conniving settler makes people generalize. We shouldn't ask who is the man. We should ask what is the man. Rather than saying this is a Jew or this is an Arab, we should say this is a good man. Where did I pick up my Hebrew? – On the road, not at school. Too much happened to the Jewish people. They were burned, they were strangled and slaughtered. A man like Hitler shouldn't exist. The question is how it is possible that some people, of the same Jewish people that suffered so much, can act with cruelty. In the same way that the Americans bred Bin Laden, the Israeli regime has given rise to the Hamas.

How is it possible to kill? You see a child and you say 'this is a child, he needs to live!' You see a man and you say 'this is a man, he needs to live!' Jews and Arabs need to stay at each other's guest houses, get to know each other and make friends. We have to establish a common university. Students who share a curriculum and study together beautiful and beneficial subjects cannot hate each other. This land could be the best and the most wonderful place in the world, a place everyone would want. It could outshine France, even Paris!"


13:10 –

According to one of the people we have talked to, the gate was open in the morning from 06:00 to 09:00 but permit owners from both this gate and Eliyahu Passage prefer to cross here, at Eliyahu Gate the checks are exhausting and humiliating, not to mention the dogs. A car coming from the southern gate is sent back. Its owner has probably no passage permit for Habla. Most of the vehicles at this hour are loaded with plants. For the first time we have seen here a United Nations vehicle but we haven't found out yet the reason for its being here.

Eliyahu Gate

13:45 –

From a distance we see nothing.

13:50 –

The road to Qalqiliya is open.

14:00 –

Entering Sufin is limited to residents and those that are entitled to.

14:05 –

At the entrance to Azzun, there is no checkpoint and there are no soldiers, neither Israeli nor Palestinians.

14:30 –

Yizhar, surprisingly, is not fortified.

The writing in Arabic has been erased from the signs at the entrance to the settlement. Instead, the words 'Revenge' and 'Death to the Arabs" stand up clearly up there.

Huwwarra checkpoint

15:00 –

A soldier informs us that we are forbidden to observe the place, then, adding that all civilians are.

Traffic is lively without delays.

Tapu'ah Junction

15:30 –

Although there are soldiers here, no inspections are conducted.