Reihan, Shaked, Fri 6.1.12, Afternoon

Rachela C.
Mini shift: I was visiting in Daher-el-Malec (Friday noon) and after leaving B.'s house I drove to the nearby checkpoints - Shaked and later to Riehan.
14:40 - 14:55 Shaked checkpoint
Windy and cold!!! it seem that a lot of rain fell. Outside: 2 female soldiers (Military Police), 2 male soldiers - one at the elevated post another inside the shed.
During the time I stood there one car crossed in the direction of Tura. and I've heard of someone, a resident of Daher-el-Malec, who had arrived from Ya'abed and was detained for a long time at the checkpoint until she was let through.
15:05 - 15:20 Reihan checkpoint
A Palestinian car parked in front of the inspection post. its driver sits at the "amusement park".
When I left the car was still at that same point, its driver inside. Many workers arrive in cars bearing yellow plates. at this time the seamstresses had arrive.
Entry to the terminal is in groups of five and the turnstile keeps stopping (there's always someone stuck in it). The line is not too long. While I was there two windows were open. About 10 people set by the side. Before I left I watched them walking in the direction of the far window, perhaps they were called there. One of the people who waited outside the turnstile explain to me that when people return to the West Bank with no passage permit (Illegal aliens) they are punished by one to two hours' detention and then they undergo inspection. Cars with yellow plates go through without delays.
The rain has stopped, the skies are clear, the sun is out, vision is clear in all directions, the view is outstanding. Looking from the road one can see the ongoing building in the settlement of Riehan. At Um-el-Rihan I could observe a new unfinished chicken coop. I was told that construction has been interrupted. By whose order???