'Anin, Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Thu 12.1.12, Morning

Shula Bar (photographing), Neta Golan (reporting)


Translator:  Charles K.

06:05  A’anin checkpoint

Only a few people crossing on this cold and rainy morning.  They include a good-natured, toothless elderly woman who refused our offer to get in the car so we could give her a ride to her destination.  She’ll wait in the wind and rain for her grandson from Umm Reihan to pick her up.

06:30  Reihan-Barta’a checkpoint

A few taxi vans wait in the upper parking lot for people crossing from the West Bank to the seam zone.  Laborers who’ve already come through the terminal wait for their rides under the canopy at the end of the fenced corridor.  The lower Palestinian parking lot is still empty.  Vehicles transporting people from the West Bank who work in the seam zone, and in Barta’a, let them out; they immediately enter the terminal.  There’s not much traffic.

Six large pickup trucks loaded with agricultural produce wait on the road for their documents to be checked before their cargo is inspected.  Two more pickup trucks next to the canopy load flats of eggs.  There’s a notice posted there in Arabic with the phone number of the Crossings Administration.

A delicate rainbow is visible above the filthy road.  What a contrast!

07:05  Dothan checkpoint

We visited our friend W. at the new location of the charcoal kiln, which had been moved here after the kilns in the Dothan Valley and elsewhere had been shut down because they made it difficult for the settlers in the area to breathe.  They’re not now burning wood here either, but packing charcoal that arrived from somewhere else.  W. sleeps in a temporary shelter for the sacks of charcoal that are well-covered with plastic.  His bed is exposed to the wind and rain.  Even the miserable dog tied there has a corner to himself.  He doesn’t want us to talk to his boss, who promised him a container.  During the past few days he received special shipments of warm coats and clothing from his friends in Machsom Watch.

07:55  Tayibe Rummaneh checkpoint (below Umm el-Fahm)

A military jeep parked between the fences.  The gatesinfo-icon are still locked – they’re supposed to open at 08:00.  A Hummer arrives, the jeep and Hummer leave, one tractor and three farmers are waiting.

08:10  A border police jeep arrives together with an MP whose job it is to check the permits of those crossing.

08:20  “Everyone” crossed.  The border police and the MP have to wait until 08:30.  We don’t.