'Anata-Shuafat, Wed 28.12.11, Morning

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Pnina H., Ronny P.
Translator:  Charles K.

We arrived at 7 AM.
This was Pnina’s first time here.  Both of us saw that there are worse things than the neglect and the filth that usually reigns here.  Now there’s a wall in the middle of the road with Anata on its far side, pits in the earth full of water and mud and junk scattered all around.
The checkpoint is very new; we crossed to Anata.  The coffee seller and others told us they felt they’d been kicked out to the other side of the wall, and about their apprehensions for the future – magnetic cards, permits, and apparently canceling their status as residents of Jerusalem.  We felt how hard it must be to live with this uncertainty.
We then entered the checkpoint, where polite soldiers welcomed us.  They immediately told Pnina that she’s not allowed to bring food and drink into the area of the checkpoint.  I delicately asked him whether he had seen the filth outside – he hadn’t.  We didn’t know whether to laugh, or if it’s not surprising, just another little incident regarding the Occupation, one more vignette.