Etzion DCL, Fri 25.11.11, Morning

Efrat B., Claire O. (reporting)
Summary : The war against the children
Etzion DCL: four inspection stations are open. An energetic, Arabic-speaking, security person calls the Palestinians to come to a free inspection station. On the other hand, whenever someone comes without a permit, he goes quickly to the female soldier who is dealing with him and explains to her : “don’t raise your voice and strain your larynx. Simply show him the door ( the back-door leading back to Bethlehem). That’s that – short and to the point !”.

When we speak to him about the arbitrariness of his instructions, which change from minute to minute, and the terrible cruelty of denying passage to children who don’t have a permit (a day-old babyinfo-icon has to have a permit today, even a birth-certificate isn’t sufficient, according to a new regulation), he raises his arms, sighs and replies “what do you expect, its not my responsibility “.

For some reason many Palestinians with children have come today and all of them are turned back. There is nothing we can do about it.

All the same, there is no shouting, arrogance or contempt. A representative of the civilian administration arrives (maybe we will even be able to get his mobile number in the event that we shall need his help again), listens to the people and answers them patiently and extensively in Arabic.