'Anata, Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Tue 15.11.11, Morning

Anat Tueg, Nava Genny Eliashar (reporting)




7:00 Olive Terminal
The checkpoint is almost empty.  The workers crossed earlier, and now it's the children's hour.
At this hour some 50% of those crossing are children.  No line.  One checking point is open, and one turnstile.  A couple of children crossed in 3 minutes, it took us 5 because a bag got stuck in the x-ray
The parking lot is empty, all the children have left in white and blue-striped cabs
7:30 Anata
We arrived at midpoint of the children's hour.  The place is meticulously organized, buses going to various destinations fill quickly and leave
Hundreds of children exit in a single block, colourful, quiet and fast, on their way to the vehicles.  Two long lines of vehicles at the vehicle checkpoint -- each one is checked, and the boot opened, but documents
are not always requested.  At such a small checkpoint perhaps everyone knows everyone.  In the pedestrian crossing movement is uninterrupted, adults show a document and cross. In the parking lot we met the Qalandia team, Ayana, Avital and a guest, a Ph.D. student of Law specializing in civil rights. (Sort of).  I laughed and told him he had come to the wrong place -- here he would not find many rights granted the residents.
The chair of the neighbourhood committee tells us that the new checkpoint will open in 5 days, and then it will become clear what will be with the 3000 children studying in public schools and leaving from the children's parking lot + 5000 children in private schools leaving in the white cabs with green stripes.
The wall encircling the community is almost complete.  Only in the area of the old checkpoint two edges of the wall still stand opposite each other, awaiting the completion of construction of the new checkpoint before hermetically enclosing the entire village from all sides.  Depressing.