Masaha, Tue 27.9.11, Morning

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Micky, Miriam Translation: Galia S.

: 09:00 –

We meet I' and A' who take us to Hani Gate (so named by the Palestinians for its closeness to Hani's house) Mas'ha Gate south, in order to take a look at the nearby expanded settlement of Elkana and its neighbourhoods and the rubble they dump on their lands enclaved in the seam-line zone. What we see from a distance is (photos enclosed):

• • The lands belonging to Z ' are located inside the seam-line zone, about 300 meters


 away from Hani Gate. Z' can get to his land during the picking and ploughin seasons only. Three containers were placed on these lands during his absence. He has no idea what they contain as he has no way of getting there. One container was placed there a year ago, after which he filed a complaint, using the services of Viam Shveite, an attorney appointed by the Authority for this purpose. The container was removed ten months later. About a month ago, again, three containers were placed there and Z turned to the Authority concerning this issue. Once again legal action was taken by the same attorney, asking to remove the containers that had been illegally placed on a private land•

Lands belonging to I from Mas'ha are located in the seam-line zone, about 500 meter  from Hani Gate. Rubble is dumped on these lands by those who build the settlement. We can see from afar a great pile of debris and witness a tractor coming from the direction of the settlement and dumping "fresh" rubble.

• The lands of A'. On his lands we observe skeletons of houses of a new neighbourhood of Elkana to be called Ramot Elkana. Attorney Shveide is asked to handle also this case. We go from there to the building of the village council. The head of the village gives us the list of people asking for passage permits for three agricultural checkpoints of the seam-line zone for the soon coming olive picking: the checkpoint at Hani Gate (Mas'ha south), Mas'ha Gate north and Bir Sheli Gate (Tamar Gate). They haven't received the permits yet. We agree to keep in touch about this issue.