Qalandiya, Mon 31.10.11, Morning

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Judy O., Maya B. (reporting)
6:25  we are in the big hall and it is empty.  Whoever comes in, even large groups of pupils  go right in.
the first passage is closed, we ask Safa, the DCO  officer and he shows us that it is broken.  I stand next to it  and show people where to enter,  it goes  fast. 
The traffic  outside is as usual very hectic and  everyone is blowing his horn  and pushing. I don't understand how there are not more accidents.
The garbage piles are as usual, especially outside.  Nobody notices it any more, even we have gotten used to it  and just  don't want people to have to stand and wait.  Bad enough they have to go though this twice a day.  Safa  is one of those officers who care  and make sure  things  work, despite all the hardships.  An old and sick woman come in, we call him and he immediately opens the Humanitarian gate for her, so we won't have to push through the iron bars.
At  the blue card  passage  all is as usual.  People get into the bus, out after a few  meters  out, wait  and in again.......
We  return through Jaba  and  Pisgat  Zeev  after passing  Hizme.